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januar 15, 2009

I have sorted out my posts into categories.

Some of the categories are written in Norwegian, and well, if you do not understand, I can assure you that the the categories about Mac and Apple in general are written in English.


Thank you, WordPress!

januar 19, 2009

Today I received a mail notifying me that the problem in this blog is now fixed. Thank you WordPress!
But in the past days, I’ve had much spare time on my hands, and I need a blog to fill up with chit chat. I’ve recently been operated and have taken out my tonsils. The last year has been a real «beach». Throat infection as I believe it is called in plain.

Anywho! I have my own domain and have started using a WordPress blog on it. So with no further adieu, I give you –

My current blog at RubenMolnes.Net



iTunes and their support

januar 15, 2009


A few days before christmas (with no capital letter), I purchased a song and got double charged for it. I do not know how I managed to do this, but that was the case, and it appeared on the bill I got from iTunes.

It did not take me a long time to file a complaint about the double purchase. And minutes later, I got a positive letter from Mark, an employee at iTunes support staff. He told me that my 8 NOK (Norwegian) was refunded, and I would get the credit of one song whenever I choose to buy more at their music store.

To be charged double for a song, is not much, but double is enough for me to complain a bit. And if you share my point of view, I was glad to meet such understanding with the support of iTunes. Of course, I expected such and outcome too, but still. It could have been much more painful. Even for one simple song.

Thank you Mark!

– Ruben

I want you to meet AppZapper

januar 15, 2009

Everybody loves the drag and drop nature of OS X. Drag an app into your applications folder, and it’s installed. You’d think it would be that easy to delete an app — just a matter of dragging it to the trash. But it’s not. Applications install preferences, caches, and other support files throughout your computer that take up space and generate clutter. Deleting these by hand every time you delete an app is a pain.

This is from the official site of AppZapper. A program for OS X that has been a true friend to me. So with no further adieu, I present to you; AppZapper!

– Ruben

How to convert DMG to ISO with Terminal

januar 15, 2009

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How to fix Boot Camp after installing Fusion or Parallels

januar 13, 2009

You can find the same post in RubenMolnes.Net

Et døgn på hodet

januar 9, 2009

Det har blitt mer og mer en livsstil dette her.
Jeg sitter oppe, venter på at klokken skal slå 0500 eller nærmere 0600.
Flere og flere serier blir sett, flere og flere filmer blir sett.

Denne natta inneholder ei flaske Cola og en sesong med Sopranos.
En serie jeg ikke synes er skikkelig spennende, men er innholdsrik nok
til at jeg blir passe hekta. Episode etter episode, jeg sitter fast.