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Genre: Folk

  • Joshua James – Today
  • Dar Williams & Chris Botti – Beauty of the Rain
  • Kalai – On My Mind
  • Antoine Dufour – Trilogy
  • Andy McKee – Africa
  • Slaid Cleaves – Fairest of them All
  • Chris O’Brien – Hey Love
  • Joe Purdy – Just Another Old Love Song
  • Joshua James – Lord, Devil and Him
  • William Fitzsimmons – Passion Play
This is one of my favorite types of music. It’s a type of feelgood and it gets you in a relaxed state of mind, or just in my case. Anywho, I strongly advise to listen to atleast one of these songs. For me? Huh?
Hope you like the genre, but if not, my next post will contain a different music type. So «stay tuned» if you’re still not satisfied!

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