iTunes and their support


A few days before christmas (with no capital letter), I purchased a song and got double charged for it. I do not know how I managed to do this, but that was the case, and it appeared on the bill I got from iTunes.

It did not take me a long time to file a complaint about the double purchase. And minutes later, I got a positive letter from Mark, an employee at iTunes support staff. He told me that my 8 NOK (Norwegian) was refunded, and I would get the credit of one song whenever I choose to buy more at their music store.

To be charged double for a song, is not much, but double is enough for me to complain a bit. And if you share my point of view, I was glad to meet such understanding with the support of iTunes. Of course, I expected such and outcome too, but still. It could have been much more painful. Even for one simple song.

Thank you Mark!

– Ruben


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